Top Strain #5: Chocolato (White Choco x Gelato 33)

Yes, everybody loves good chocolate, but Chocolato gets you more than just a rich choco aroma. As an offspring of the world-famous White Choco strain, Chocolato combines sweet vanilla tones with fruity aspects in its bouquet. Gelato ancestry adds to the full flavour of Chocolato flowers. She’s fully feminized, and that adds up to a considerable crop yield and a nice, quick flowering pace. This speedy growth rate gives Chocolato plants their pleasantly squat and robust shape. Lateral growth exceeds upward development, resulting in more buds per plant.

Chocolato is well suited for either indoor or outdoor growing. She’s a proud (chocolate) chip off the old block: 24% THC and a considerable 1-2% CBD make for a seriously euphoric high. 60% indica genetics ensure a creative buzz that leaves you happily productive on the fruits of your labour. Chocolato provides stress and fatigue relief just like genuine chocolate, only without the calories – and with a delicious long-lasting high to boot!

Top Strain #4: Milkshake Kush Auto (AK Choco Kush x Ruderalis)

Milkshake Kush Autoflower seeds rank among the top-selling new strains at Amsterdam Genetics. With AK-47 and Choco Kush genes in the mix, you can bet this shake is going to shake up your taste experience. Think chocolate with a spicy touch of kush, and a spoonful of sugar to help the milkshake go down.

Milkshake Kush Auto has a remarkably prominent 80% indica background, explaining its medicinal merits for anyone dealing with pain, stress, and sleeplessness. The autoflower aspect makes for easy going ease of growing, with great potential for indoor cultivation. If you fancy low-maintenance, high-reward cannabis growing, then Milkshake Kush Autoflower is Amsterdam genetics go-to option for you.

Top Cannabis Strain #3: Amnesia Haze (Afghani Hawaiian x Laos x Jamaica)

Amnesia Haze is a genuine classic in the Amsterdam Genetics range, and rightly so. Citrus complements its fresh herbal flavour, making for an instantly recognizable taste sensation that will have you thinking of the Amsterdam canals in no time.

It’s not just nostalgia that’ll make you want to grow this Dutch evergreen, though. 25% THC is nothing to sneeze at, and the hefty, energetic Amnesia Haze head buzz lingers on like a sultry summer evening. She may not be the fastest growing strain in the Amsterdam Genetics range, but once you see the big, fat, trichome-laden buds of this baby, you’ll know why Amnesia Haze has been rocking the cannabis scene for well over three decades!

Top Cannabis Strain #2: Skyrocket (Skywalker Saga x Grapefruit Superstar)

This gravity-defying feminized strain owes its name to two properties. First, it shoots up from the soil like a rocket ship with a seven or eight-week flowering period. Perhaps more importantly, its effects take your mind into orbit right after lift-off. A hefty 60% sativa background warrants a deeply relaxing buzz caused by 20% average THC levels and little if any CBD. Skyrocket’s flavour and aroma are complex, with pungent, spicy clouds of citrus trailing its trajectory.

Skyrocket reaches convenient heights of about 1 metre: handy for discrete growing efforts in the garden or indoors. The plants grow broad rather than tall, resulting in plenty of big, heavy flowers all over its branches. Don’t let Skyrocket’s size fool you, though: this is a high-calibre projectile with payloads of up to 750g/m² or more. This highly resilient strain is a pretty safe bet for any grower looking to install their own cannabis missile silo around the house.   

Cannabis Strain #1: Fatkid’s Cake (Girl Scout Cookies X Cherry Pie)

Every ranking needs a Number One, and this Strain Top 5 is spearheaded by the new talk of the town in Amsterdam! Meet Fatkid’s Cake: a Cherry Pie x Girl Scout Cookies crossing peaking at almost 30% THC. 60% indica genetics prevent this Fat Kid from weighing you down too much, promising relaxed and happy highs rather than couchlock. The flavour of Fatkid’s Cake is wholly unique, adding layers of spice and earthy hints to a fat base of chocolate cake.

For such a heavy hitter, Fatkid’s Cake is a piece of cake to grow at home. Feminized seeds max out the success rate, while Fatkid’s Cake’s sturdy makeup holds temperature effects, insects and other culprits at bay. Dense, oval buds are produced in the 8-9 week flowering phase, making this a top candidate for your indoor and outdoor cannabis adventures. Happiness, stress relief and relaxation are the grower’s reward: both in terms of cultivating ease and in its sensational effects. Taste the new kid on the block from Amsterdam from the comfort of your own home this season…