5. No Name Feminised from Medical Seeds

“I have chronic back and shoulder pain and it worked like a dream for me” – Tony.

The quote above from one of our customers tells you all you need to know about the effects of No Name from Medical Seeds. This is an award winning strain and has been a regular feature in the Medical Strain market for over 7 years.

No Name flowers surprisingly fast, thanks to its Sensi Star lineage. It has a very distinct Cheese flavor, while also offering sweet hints akin to licorice. Users should be notified that despite its strong medical properties, No Name still offers a strong cerebral high, so is probably more suited to assist physical ailments as opposed to mental ones.

This strain grows superbly outdoors in early October, so it is the perfect time to get your hands on one of the most famous strains in the Medical Cannabis market.

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No name Medical strain
No name Medical strain

4. CBD Shark Shock Feminised from Seedsman

“Easy to grow, fast germination and fantastic yields” – Javier G.

We are delighted to see that one of our very own strains is considered as one of the best on offer in the medical market.

Seedsman’s very own CBD Shark Shock is a 1:1 THC:CBD strain, meaning that its medicinal properties are substantial. It does not have a powerful cerebral high, which allows users to treat symptoms like anxiety, depression and inflammation, without the classic “stoned” traits.

Shark Shock has a fruity flavour and aroma, with unique and subtle hints of Onion and Garlic.

This strain has become increasingly popular as it represents brilliant comparative value for money, while still offering amazing therapeutic affects to its users.

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Shark Shock CBD Feminised Seeds
Shark Shock CBD Feminised Seeds

3. White Walker Kush Feminised from DNA Genetics

“These seeds started sprouting in less than 24 hours. Incredible” – Roor.

Stemming from one of the most enticing lineage combinations you could ever imagine, White Walker Kush from DNA Genetics is a truly mind-blowing medical strain. Derived from a cross of legendary White Widow and DNA’s best selling Skywalker Kush, this strain is supremely vigorous and is the breeders’ largest yielding plant ever.

White Walker Kush is a very potent strain and remains immensely popular in the USA, where the medical community often report experiencing incredibly relaxing, therapeutic effects from the strain.

With a simple grow and an incomparably large final product, novice and expert growers alike are choosing White Walker Kush for their next grow.

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White Walker Kush Feminised Seeds
White Walker Kush Feminised Seeds

2. CBD Bubba Kush from CBD Botanic

“A great plant that has grown two inches in the first week of flowering” – BigBLovesCBD

CBD Botanic have taken great care into making a strain that can be used in all types of medical applications including creams, topicals, sprays and more. The Terpene concentration in CBD Bubba Kush have also enhanced its reputation as one of the key strains for a medical user to try. Its Myrcene content produces sedative, analgesic affects, while its Limonene is a key fighter if dermatological diseases, hence why this strain is ideally suited to use in creams.

CBD Bubba Kush can grow very quickly and very large so will need plenty of space to breathe. With its tastes ranging from Sweet Lemon to Earthy, this strain keeps the user on their toes, while also providing an incomparable medical affect. Well worth a try.

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Bubba Kush CBD Feminised Seeds
Bubba Kush CBD Feminised Seeds

1.Tangelo Rapido Auto from Barney’s Farm

“Greenhouse Grow. It Was Very Easy To Grow. Smell And Taste Are Amazing. A Very Relaxing Head High. Love It” – Pat

This ever-popular strain is currently our best reviewed product in our library of Medical strains, holding a full five stars in every category of every review that has been posted.

Tangelo Rapido is sativa-dominant auto-flowering strain, offering tangy and intense sweet citrus aromas and flavors as well as effects that are cerebral and relaxing at the same time, offering the user the best of both worlds.

While Tangelo Rapido may not be the most therapeutic medical strain available in our collection, it is certainly a customer favourite, purely because it impresses across the board, from grow to taste to aroma.

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Tangelo Rapido Auto Feminised Seeds
Tangelo Rapido Auto Feminised Seeds