So you want to keep looking into this mixed-bag environment stuff. You like the idea of having a few strains to play with. You also like the idea that your strains have some similarities, so you’re not pulling your hair out in your grow trying to figure out why your sativa’s are burning and why your indica’s on the ground aren’t getting as tall as you had hoped. Here is a tent of personal favorites – the deep and dark purple buds. I would like to say before we go any farther that yes, purple buds on average tend to have a less notable potency, but that does not mean you’ll be growing low-potency pot if you have a ‘Big and Purple’ grow.

1. Purple #1 Feminised Seeds from Dutch Passion is going to have you giggly and happy. This super sweet and sticky hybrid from the early eighties is going to be an amazing representation of what a purple strain can be – balanced, sweet, and formidable in terms of yield. A darker shade of purple and bigger sticky buds.

2. Grape Krush from DJ Short is going to get your eyes squinted. This longer and spacy high was created in the last few years. This is a highbred that would help anyone relax after a long day. Definitely not a deep and dark shade of purple, more of a bright and light shade with magenta notes. Think red/purple cabbage rather than eggplant. These sticky buds will be dense and have an immaculate grape flavor to them.

3. Dark Devil Auto Feminised Seeds from Sweet Seeds are really in a category of their own. If Dark Devil suggested to be grown in any other mixed bag environment I’d strongly intervene against it. Either grow Dark Devil on it’s own, or grow these near other happy purple plants. Visually this strain is probably the prettiest strain I’ve ever seen with my own two eyes. I can personally attest “You almost feel bad when you smoke it – it’s sort of like burning a Rembrandt to get high” – This strain is amazing, it tastes deep and floral, it’s visually stunning. Add this to your Deep Purple grow so you can marvel in this alien-looking plant.

4. Grape OG Feminised Seeds from Cali Connection is going to knock your socks off. This heady strain will have a nice sativa aspect to its hybrid high. A slightly sour and sweet strain, this plant is going to be a little on the short and plump side. Grape OG won’t have the central stalk buds, but rather a clump of nugs forming at the top of a frosted and shrubby little plant. If you had to take one of these purple strains and just go for kief production with the end goal of hash and extract manufacturing, this might be your golden ticket. This strain won’t have a huge yield per plant, but the potency per plant will be phenomenal. The buds that you do get off of your Grape OG will most likely be the strongest in this tent.

5. For the last purple strain (which I encourage you to choose on your own), try some searches of “Mendocino” or “Haze” – you’ll find something sticky and sedating in no time.